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In MPDO we embrace innovation as a key factor of business transformation, that’s why we want to accelerate knowledge diffusion and facilitate new ideas emergence.

If you want to express your expertise on entrepreneurship, restructuring, innovation, transformation, financing, please send us your article in order to be posted on our blog and social media.

It is normally understood that explicit and insulting content, hate speech and extreme political or party positions are not allowed.

We are interested in ideas that promote healthy business development, offer sustainable solutions and train the business community.

A good title and a range of 500-800 words are ideal for a targeted and readable article. We can help with our comments so that your article gets its final form according to our specifications and our fields of action before the final publication.

Send us your article and some details of your CV, ideally with a social media link, and contribute to the restart of Greek entrepreneurship.

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MPDO is a new boutique consulting firm that provides specialized financial and operational restructuring services



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