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In MPDO, we consider human capital as our biggest asset.

Thus, we have created a human-centric working environment, which eliminates discriminations and enhances people’s potential.

Innovation and transformation are structural ingredients of our corporate DNA. That’s why we cultivate a professional framework where new ideas are sought, knowledge and experience are diffused, skills are enriched and career prospects are limitless.

Our company constantly seeks professionals, graduates or experienced, with high standards of academic and professional training, particularly in the fields of finance, business administration, data analysis, human resources and technology.

If you are looking for unlimited career potential in a company that invests in people,

send us your resume including a brief introductory note at

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Management Consulting | MPDO

MPDO is a new boutique consulting firm that provides specialized financial and operational restructuring services



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Management Consulting | MPDO

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+30 261 600 7887